#33 – Adaptation Play – Arizona National Parks

As we adapt to the new year, take a listen to this special episode of adaptation stories written by the 4th grade students in Ms. LaBrie’s class at Simis Elementary School in Phoenix, Az. The student’s combined researched facts and scientific concepts about adaptations to create imaginary beings that have adapted to Arizona National Parks. Have fun listening closely to these stories, because they are filled with fact and fiction…see if you can tell which is which! Enjoy the unique, playful, creative voices of Ms. LaBrie’s class and be sure to visit a National Park this year and create your own imaginary beings.

Food Play inspired by Gunnar Madsen – Kid Art

Kids, inspired by Gunnar Madsen’s song “I Am Your Food,” selected foods they wanted to be then they drew pictures and made them talk.  Enjoy their art and the full episode.

Sing! Food Play with Gunnar Madsen

On this episode we sail our sieve to the land of food and song with award winning children’s musician Gunnar Madsen. We share a track from Gunnar’s latest album, “I Am Your Food,” and Gunnar shares some tips and tricks for playing with your food! The episode also features 1st graders from Ms. Allegrina’s class at Simis Elementary School in Phoenix, AZ who take up Gunnar’s food play challenge by becoming the foods they like best. Visit www.buttonsandfigs.com for more word play fun.

Full Interview with Gunnar Madsen

Enjoy the full, fun interview with musician Gunnar Madsen. Learn about his inspiration for some of the songs on his latest album, “I Am Your Food” and can you guess what band influenced him when he was young? (hint: they sold wigs so kids could look like one of the members of this band!). Be sure to listen to the episode “Sing! Food Play with Gunnar Madsen” featuring the song “I Am Your Food” and you’ll get to hear kids playing with their food. Enjoy.


extra! – National Park Wordplay – 4th grade pass

On this wordplay extra! we have a real live National Park Ranger, a real live 4th grader, and a couple of funny Buttons & Figs fans who all LOVE U.S. National Parks! Sarah Stannard, Park Ranger at Glen Canyon and Rainbow Bridge, and Aurora, 4th grader from Washington, D.C., share fabulous information about our National Parks and the 4th Grade Pass. Ms. Sarah also shares a fun wordplay challenge played by Reese and Linnea…and hopefully by you too! Visit your parks, listen and play with words! www.buttonsandfigs.com