www – Palindrome Play

Is it a PALINDROME or not?! Listen to 5 words or phrases and YOU decide – PALINDROME or not?! Read forward and backward each and every day.

www – Silly Syllogism

WHAT is the Conclusion?! Play the OTHER game show everyone is talking about – ARE YOU SILLY! Test your logic, tickle your brain, with 3 Silly Syllogisms!

Come Play each Wednesday!

Come play with words, learn creative writing tips and tricks, and maybe even record your voice for the Buttons & Figs podcast! Buttons & Figs will be playing with kids and words and words and kids at the Velma Teague Library, a branch of Glendale Public Library, each Wednesday, after-school, 1-3pm, during February and March. Come join the fun!

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February Podcast Listening

Thanks to Jeff Glade, instructional technology consultant with Heartland Area Education Agency for compiling and sharing this list and more! Great listening for elementary ears!

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