#3 podcast – Moose, Alpaca

Buttons & Figs sails in a sieve to the land of nonsense songs.  have you met a moose today?

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#2 – make – Nursery Rhyme Activity

b_f_soundcloud_ep_1_masters_072916_ep_2_actdownload this activity and see if you can spot all the changes to the different versions of Sing a Song of Sixpence.  Can you create a version of your own?



#2 – explore

b_f_soundcloud_ep_1_masters_072916_ep_2_exthe Rarin’ Sharin’ Librarin’ of Toronto has a great nursery rhyme recommend for older kids, Nursery Rhyme Comics – take a listen:

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#2 podcast – Sing a Song of Sixpence

Buttons & Figs sails in a sieve to the land of nursery rhymes…nursery rhymes yearning to rhyme free!


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#1 – make – Sail to the Western Sea Activity

b_f_soundcloud_ep_1_r3_activity_071316download this MadLib style activity and decide what nonsense you would buy if you sailed in a sieve to the Western Sea like the Jumbliesbuttons_figs_activity_v5_landscape_071216