Buttons & Figs is a podcast for kids, parents, educators, librarians and anyone, everyone who values nonsense.  Buttons & Figs podcasts are designed to introduce kids to the world of nonsense literature.  nonsense plays an important part in helping to, well, oddly enough, make sense of the world.  making sense sometimes requires stepping away, taking a rest, playing, or laughing a bit.  by listening and reading nonsense literature, and thinking about the sounds and images words create in the mind, the brain has a way of potentially finding new pathways to approach problems and solve solutions….wait, reverse that.

each episode will feature great nonsense literature recommendations, kid recordings of nonsense, and a fun downloadable activity designed to inspire YOU to make a little nonsense of your own – at home, in the car, at school, or wherever you are.  thanks for listening to me and you and you and me.

we hope our nonsense activities will inspire you to
make a little nonsense,
record a little nonsense,
explore a little nonsense
share a little nonsense

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who we are

pamela rogers is the creator of Buttons & Figs and takes nonsense very seriously.  she is a children’s librarian who has been on the look out for nonsense from D.C. to Dallas, from NOLA till now.  she loves to sing the “Chickery-Chick” song at moments when you least expect it.



Sarah- Age 6sarah torbey is the Rarin’ Sharin’ Librarin’ of Buttons & Figs and she loves to spin tales while lassoing a fine nonsense book for you.  she is a children’s librarian who has rared and shared many a book from Timbuktu, to Texas, to Toronto.  she loves to squawk like a peacock at moments when you least expect it.



Compact_OED_entrycarmel darcy is the Oxford English Dictionary Duchess (OEDD) of Buttons & Figs who loves to magnify words in her own special way.  she’ll define anything from chartreuse to enthuse and help you pronounce any word you might like to say in public.