WWW – Bombostic Acrostic

We’re going to play with a Bombostic Acrostic Poem! – Listen for the first letter of each line of this acrostic poem and see if you can figure out what phase it spells! (Hint: It’s a phrase you hear on just about every episode of Buttons & Figs!)

#42 – Audubon Poetry Play with David Chorlton

Sail in a sieve to the land of Audubon Poetry Play with poet laureate David Chorlton and his bird Maxi. On this episode David shares his poetry and inspires kids to write poetry in order to better understand their relationship with nature. The Buttons & Figs kids use acrostic poetry play to explore how they feel about the nature and birds and if families want to learn more, we share information about the Maricopa Audubon Society and Audubon.org. If you would like to have some acrostic poetry fun, visit ButtonsandFigs.com and download the free activity sheet that goes with this episode. Beware of the kingdom of the claw…Kakawwwww!

Poet David Chorlton & Maxi

Acrostic Poetry Play

More Acrostic Poem Play

Halloweeeeeennn Was Here!!!

We dropped THREE Halloween episodes this season – 1 from the writing ghosts at Velma Teague Library, 1 from the writing ghosts at Independence High, , & 1 from the ghosts of Halloween past…SO much spooky listening fun! Halloween and wordplay go together like bolts and Frankenstein…..Spooooooooky!

Here’s a little Halloween wordplay treat…or is it a trick?! Bawhahaha! I dare you to figure out what these nonsense words mean….Splooook!

#41 – Idea Play

Sail in a sieve to the land of ideas with Ms. Harding’s class of 2nd graders at Madison Simis Elementary School in Phoenix, Az. These kids were inspired by the book, “What Do You Do With An Idea?” by Kobi Yamata, illustrated by Mae Besom. The last page of the book says ideas can change the world, so these kids set out to think about ideas to make oceans, lands, schools, playgrounds, and zoos better…they even have ideas for how to make cobras better! What ideas do you have to change the world? –www.buttonsandfigs.com