extra! extra! – Carnation Celebration! a one-sided phone conversation

They say we have an astronomical, astrological double header here, March 20th, to be clear – a Super Moon and Equinox! One thing is certain on this day, when the tilt is tilted in just the right way, we can hear a telephone conversation, but just one side, of a gentleman with a great deal of pride, who happens to like carnations….Let’s take a listen…..

extra! – Librarian Library Lounge – Alliteration Play at the Library

Welcome to the Librarian Library Lounge featuring the fabulous book recommends of Erin Meadows, librarian at the Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek, Arizona, and the fabulous voices of kids playing with alliteration at the library. Join us here and there, or at a library near you. You can find the free downloadable activity sheet we used on Read Across America day to play with alliteration, alright? www.buttonsandfigs.com

Sing! – Nonsensilicious – Alliteration Play

Alliterate-ate-ate-ate-ate – On this Nonsensilicious episode we share a great way to remember how to play with alliteration…with our very own Buttons & Figs song! Hear the debut of “What a Word!” as we celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2nd. Find a Read Across America event near you and play with nerds…I mean words! Play-play-play-play-play-play-play!

#35 – Palindrome Play with Jon Agee

Wow, wow, wow! On this episode we’re sailing our sieve to the land of palindromes where we get to meet the master of wordplay himself – Jon Agee. Our Buttons & Figs kids, Elle, Sophie, Samuel, Asher, Claire and Jayleigh, will define and play with palindromes and they’ll share how they used Jon Agee’s palindrome books to inspire their play AND Jon Agee will be answering their questions….like – how did you make a job out of palindromes?! Play with words!

Full Interview with Jon Agee

Enjoy our full interview with the master of wordplay, Jon Agee. You’ll learn some tips and tricks for creating your own palindromes and you’ll want to stay tuned because we’ll be seeing a 5th palindrome book this year!!! Wow, wow, wow Jon Agee!!!

Happy (Belated) Thesaurus Day!

extra! extra! We’ve got a little extra! nonsense to celebrate Thesaurus Day! On this extra! episode we celebrate words by sharing a Thesaurus Day game YOU can play here or there and you also get to meet a few peculiar Buttons & Figs kids! AND…Be sure to call in and share YOUR list of synonyms that best describe YOU 623-282-4080. Wishing you and your family a Happy, Delightful, Cheerful, Joyous, Peaceful, Pleasant, Jubilant (Belated) Thesaurus Day from Buttons & Figs!!!

Thanks for listening to me and you.

#34 – Rhyming Rocks

On this episode we introduce new Buttons & Figs kids who set us sailing to the land of Rhymes…isn’t it about time?! We’ll be sharing three literary devices for creating rhymes, Consonance, Assonance and Rhyme (C.A.R.), we’ll have great original examples of each, and we’ll also try to sell you a C.A.R. so you can go far. Beep, beep!

#33 – Adaptation Play – Arizona National Parks

As we adapt to the new year, take a listen to this special episode of adaptation stories written by the 4th grade students in Ms. LaBrie’s class at Simis Elementary School in Phoenix, Az. The student’s combined researched facts and scientific concepts about adaptations to create imaginary beings that have adapted to Arizona National Parks. Have fun listening closely to these stories, because they are filled with fact and fiction…see if you can tell which is which! Enjoy the unique, playful, creative voices of Ms. LaBrie’s class and be sure to visit a National Park this year and create your own imaginary beings.