WWW – Mnemonic Tonic

How am I supposed to remember our wordplay this week?! Perhaps this Mnemonic Tonic will help….{gulp}! Listen and learn a mnemonic to help you remember the order of the planets…it’s one I learned in 5th grade from Mr. Barnett! Then, make up your own.

WWW – Cow and Crow

Cow and Crow think their names should rhyme, which gets them all confused about how to pronounce words ending in O.W.! Listen in on a phone conversation between Cow and Crow and see if you can figure out what they are talking about!

WWW – Bombostic Acrostic

We’re going to play with a Bombostic Acrostic Poem! – Listen for the first letter of each line of this acrostic poem and see if you can figure out what phase it spells! (Hint: It’s a phrase you hear on just about every episode of Buttons & Figs!)

WWW – Dialogue Play

We’re going to play with Dialogue! – Who’s a hog? – No, Dialogue. – There’s no smog! – No Dialogue! – What’s that? – We have some questions to get you playing with dialogue! Each Wacky Wordplay Wednesday (WWW)episode will feature a wordplay game you can play – with your family, friends, classmates or on your own. Each Wednesday this fall, join us for a wordplay ball.