WWW – Heards of Verbs

Have you Heards of Verbs?! On this Wacky Wordplay we share 4 limericks by Edward Lear from his Book of Nonsense and YOU are to listen for how many VERBS you HEARDS! You say that’s nonsense? I say a verbs a verb, that’s what I heard! GO PLAY!

a little wordplay each day goes a long way! here’s a little nonsense from Edward Lear!

WWW – Heards of Verbs written by Pamela Rogers
audio produced by Pamela Rogers
SFX from Zapsplat

WWW – Fortunately ~ Unfortunately

We have 3 rounds of the game Fortunately, Unfortunately! Fortunately is an adverb that means to be fortunate…or lucky! Unfortunately…well, that means the opposite. In this game, each player adds a sentence to a story that evolves and grows, but each sentence must start with either the word Fortunately or Unfortunately. We’ll start each round…then YOU continue the play with friends or family. We’ll tell you when to hit pause at the end of each round. The idea of the game is to continue adding sentences to the story until, unfortunately, you run out of them! Fortunately, you’ll get the idea once we begin!

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a little wordplay each day goes a long way!

written by Pamela Rogers
audio produced by Pamela Rogers and Blaise Collins

www – Oxymorons

Well, I received a letter from my Dear Aunt Agnes and it has so many oxymorons in it, so I can’t figure out WHAT she’s trying to tell me! Can you help identify all of the Oxymorons in her letter? What’s an oxymoron you ask?

Oxymorons are when you place two words next to each other that seem to contradict each other, or have opposite meanings, but when used together, they have meaning! For example, Jumbo Shrimp is an oxymoron….because Jumbo means big and Shrimp means small, but together, it means a something delicious!

written by Pamela Rogers
produced by Buttons & Figs
audio engineered by Blaise Collins

www – Add A Rhyme

On this episode of Wacky Wordplay Wednesday we’re going to play with RHYMES! Who doesn’t like to have a good time with a mighty good rhyme?!
In this game you’ll be listening to our rhyming verse so you can Add A Rhyme when I say it’s time! Your challenge…ADD A RHYME. (Wacky, quacky, badacky rhymes get extra points, said I) Get ready to play – ADD A RHYME!

written by pamela rogers
audio produced by blaise collins
SFX from Zapsplat

www – Noun Town News

What’s in Noun Town you ask?! Well, Noun Town has people and animals, places, and things! Noun Town always has ideas, but only on Tuesdays. You are about to hear actual headlines read from the Noun Town Newspaper archives. Your challenge is to write down all the Nouns in each headline! Ready to learn a bit about the goings on in Noun Town? Are you sure?

Inspired by The Nutty News by Ron Barrett

Buttons & Figs · WWW – Noun Town

written by: Pamela Rogers
audio produced by: Blaise Collins