extra! extra! Improv play (unedited)

extra! extra! here is the FULL (lightly edited) version of our improv play! hear all of the craziness of these Buttons & Figs kids as they played improv on an open mic! we hope you’ll play along. be sure to share your way to play at 623-282-4080. At Buttons & Figs, we say, play is the way!

The Fig is ONE!

Thank YOU for listening, sharing, creating, recording, and loving nonsense.  Here’s a little look at the nonsense we made together.  Beau—-oootiful Soo—oop, I say.  Well, actually the Mock Turtle said it first.

sing! – Justin Roberts sings about being bored

Buttons & Figs sails in a sieve to the land of…what?!  NO! Not that!!!  oh, fine…the land of boredom.

On this special sing! episode, hear a great nonsense song about boredom from the musician Justin Roberts titled, “Me and My Kangaroo” and guess what?!  Justin Roberts decides to climb aboard our sieve for a sail….take a listen