Wacky Ways to Wordplay


FIGurative wordplay episodes feature kids playing with figurative language in fun, wacky, wonderful ways.

Wacky WORDPLAY Wednesday

WWW episodes are short wordplay challenges for the classroom, car or wherever you are.

Summertime Sketch Comedy WORDPLAY

Summer is a time, a time for summer. It is a time to play or read or talk with Big Foot or do nothing but listen to nonsense. It’s summertime.

extra, extra! Nonsense WORDPLAY

extra, extra! Nonsense episodes provide a little wacky nonsense wordplay treat written by Buttons & Figs kids – just because they love to play with words.

Writing Nonsense!

download our free writing activity sheets, created by artist Elizabeth Burrill. these activity sheets go along with figurative wordplay episode, so go listen and write!

Coloring Nonsense!

download our free coloring pages, created by artist Ann Pickard. coloring pages inspired by figurative wordplay episodes, so go listen and color!