nonsense activities


each nonsense activity is linked to a Buttons & Figs podcast episode.  each podcast episode includes a great nonsense recommendation or two, a bit of author and source information, and nonsense kid recordings.

all nonsense activities are free to download, print, and make. once you make a little nonsense of your own, Record It. share a little nonsense of your own with friends, family, teachers, librarians, anyone who seems to need a dose of nonsense for their day.

to find out how to record your own nonsense, visit the how to record section for recommendations.

#13 activity – Rube Goldberg machine test

download this nonsense activity and see if you can figure out the order to one of Rube Goldberg’s classic cartoons!  be sure to listen to Buttons & Figs kids inventions on episode #13!


#11 activity – rootabaga word jumble

download this nonsense activity, then listen for the character names in episode #11.  see if you can unscramble all of them!



 #10 activity – lollygag of limericks

download this nonsense activity and learn to write a limerick of your own!  AABBA – yeah!



#9 activity – over the button & through the fig

download this nonsense party game activity and try the next time you play charades!




#8 activity – alliteration


download this nonsense alliteration activity, alright, ahoy, ahuey, achooey!


#7 activity – Open the Wallb_f_soundcloud_ep_7_111516_ep_7_act

download this nonsense activity inspired by Eugene Ionesco’s Story 2 and see if you can figure out what Josette is saying using the dislocated language key!



b_f_ep_6_act_092316 #6 activity – Jabberwocky

download this nonsense activity to share the full Lewis Carroll poem, Jabberwocky…then see if you can find all of the nonce words in the word find!



b_f_sp_ep_halloween_act_102616scary activity – Halloween Nonsense

download this scary activity for the categories the Kit-Kats used to inspired their recordings on the Halloween Nonsense episode of Buttons & Figs




#5 activity – Portmanteau Words

download this nonsense activity and see how many you know!  don’t forget to make some new portmanteau words of your own!




#4 activity – Eat Your Way Home

download this nonsense activity and make some rhymes about the cities and towns around where you live.  what will YOU eat?



#3 activity – Moose Alpaca

download these nonsense song lyrics and see if you can change the song to make it your own.



#2 activity – Sing a Song of Sixpence

download this activity and see if you can spot all the changes to the different versions of Sing a Song of Sixpence.  Can you create a version of your own?


 #1 activity – The Jumblies

download this MadLib style activity and decide what nonsense you would buy if you sailed in a sieve to the Western Sea like the Jumblies.