how to record


to start right away….try the free voice memos app, already available on most phones, or the quick voice recorder app!

if you create an audio file you’d like to share, you can send it by email to: or upload it from my contact page.

if you are looking to record in your library, classroom, playground, or closet, here is a easy, inexpensive listing of equipment to get you started.

one of my favorite tools for introducing different methods kids can use to capture their recordings was created by Radio WillowWeb.  thank you for sharing and inspiring audio play!

here is a simple podcast episode outline i’ve used when teaching a workshop for kids.  it may help…or not.

here is a sample of podcast categories i often use to “open the gate” for kids when they are thinking about what they want to record.

if you’d like to collaborate to record an episode in your classroom, contact me at , because i would!

thanks for listening to me and you, and you and me.

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