#31 – Ballyhoo!!! Hyperbole Play

Ballyhooooooo!!! You should listen to this episode because it’s the most musical, entertaining, funny and colorful episode EVER! On this episode we sail our sieve to the land of Hyperbole. Join Catherine, Ellie, Lucy, and Sophie as they define, play and plot using as much hyperbole and sound FX as humanly possible, see if you can write a hyperbolic sentence about you, and if you are looking for hyperbole inspiration, check-out Swamp Angel by Anne Isaacs, illustrated by Paul Zelinsky! Ballyhooooooo!

#31 – Ballhoo! Kids Writing

The hyperbole episode is such an excellent example of how kids, when introduced to concepts through great literature, will naturally play with language and let their imaginations (and silliness) soar.  For this episode I had the kids look up hyperbole in the dictionary and thesaurus.  We played with the concept by writing a sentence, then we read aloud Swamp Angel.  From there, no more instruction was needed, they just knew what they wanted to write….and record.  Here are their stories, as written.

Nonsensilicious – The Onomatopoeia Man

Sing along with the Onomatopoeia Man, cuz he’s come to town…SQUAWK!

#30 – Personification Play at the Library

Sail in a sieve to the land of personification at Phoenix Public Library’s Burton Barr Central location! Phoenix Public Library hosted Buttons & Figs for an afternoon of listening to great Kids Listen podcasts and recording kid creations as they played with personification. Visit www.phoenixpubliclibrary.org, www.kidslisten.org and www.buttonsandfigs.com for more wordplay fun.

Nonsensilicious – Onomatopoeia Play

Nonsensilicious episodes are bite-size Buttons & Figs episodes designed to give you a taste, a treat, a wordplay challenge for the classroom, library or wherever you eat. On this short, Kyle Lukoff shares a wordplay challenge inspired by his book, “A Storytelling of Ravens.” Listen and play along because a wordplay-a-day keeps the doctor away. Visit us at buttonsandfigs.com for more wordplay fun.

A Storytelling of Ravens