LISTEN NOW! The Semi-adventures of Sheila!

Meet Sheila, a 9 year old restless rockhound, who gets in trouble…a lot. While grounded she discovers her rock collection has the power to transport her through space, time and reason! Join her as she embarks on a quest through the Islands of the Longago Sea, searching for the leftovers she needs to get back home.

The Islands of Longago – by artist Ann Pickard / click on map to download and color

This five-part humorous and nonsensical audio-drama is brought to you by the makers of Buttons & Figs, a podcast for kids about nonsense and wordplay.


Chapter 1: Hot Lava

Chapter 2: Questionable Decrees

Chapter 3: Chill Out!

Chapter 4: The Half

Chapter 5: Cookie Crumbs

Islands of the Longago Sea

Island of Anonago/ Island of Seeusoon/Island of Evermore/Island of The Half

Island of Anonago – home of Horatio the Manapple Grander, a gruff, straightforward, wise, monocle wearing, flying manatee.

Mineral resource: Sounds and Meanings 

Left Over: Curiosity

Island of Seeusoon – home of the Questionable Pompadour Pumpernickel III, a rather pompous, authoritarian, human-like creature who wears a uniform similar to what a Beefeater would wear.

Mineral resource: Beryllium milkshake

Left Over: Questions

Island of Evermore – home of LouAnne Soliloquy Chillster a cool cat who is chill, smart, calm and hippyish.

Mineral resource:  Pantomime hotcakes

Left Over: Calm

Island of The Half – home of the wise weasel and chicken/duck/quail.

Mineral resources: Confusion & Clarity

Left Over: Self

Written and voiced by Pamela Rogers and Mark Pena

Produced by Pamela Rogers @ Buttons & Figs

Synth sounds by Carter Dukarm

With audio support from Blaise Collins

SFX from Zapsplat

I Love Rockhoundin’ music by karaoke vic / parody of Kenny Nolan’s I Like Dreamin’

– all rights reserved by Buttons & Figs