In just four year, a small group of wordplay lovers, along with the support of parents, teachers, librarians, and volunteers, have hosted 60+ creative wordplay workshops for kids, recorded 560+ original works by kids, and produced 60+ podcast episodes with 190k plays. We’ve interviewed amazing authors, song writers, poets, a park ranger, a pun-master and a librarian or two and we work with two amazing artists who have created 20+ free downloadable wordplay activity & coloring sheets. We do all of this because wordplay is fun. When kids are invited to play with words they practice thinking critically and expressing creatively, so we’d like to do more. Your donation will help us to wordplay here, there, everywhere. Thanks, thanks and thanks –Pamela Rogers

Buttons & Figs is a production of CalicoCast, a 501(c)3 non-profit, dedicated to promoting literacy through entertaining and educational wordplay.