Outer Space Music and Noise with Mary Farfisa’s Outer Space Radio Theater creator Jim Cheff

Briscoe, Mary Farfisa’s space horse friend, has come to visit me because apparently I have some sounds from Mary’s Outer Space Library that are overdue! In this episode you’ll get to meet the creator of Mary Farfisa’s Outer Space Radio Theater, Jim Cheff and you’ll also get to hear all sorts of music and noise from his show…and as always, we have a couple of Buttons & Figs kids who will show you ways to wordplay!

Links to Jim Cheff’s comics and show:

Coloring Books and more – https://www.facebook.com/maryfarfisa
Mary Farfisa Comics – https://tapas.io/jimcheff
Crater Community Radio – https://craterradio.com/about-mary-farfisa/
Kids Listen – https://app.kidslisten.org/