name and contact information

kid or adult contact information provided to Buttons & Figs will never be sold, shared, or used for nefarious reasons.  if you contact Buttons & Figs to share kid-created audio recordings, questions, or comments and your audio files are used in a future episode of Buttons & Figs, then only first name, last initial, age, city and state will be used to identify you.  all kid-created recordings, questions and comments will warrant a listing upon the Nonsense Hall of Names, unless you request otherwise.  if Buttons & Figs selects audio files to be used in an episode, you will be contacted by email for a request for additional personal information, such as an address.  Contributors to Buttons & Figs will only use that information to send kid contributors and listeners an official Buttons & Figs button and thank you by mail.  any address and full name information shared with Buttons & Figs will be held securely and will not be sold, shared, or used for purposes other than to say, “thank you for listening.”