terms of use

Buttons & Figs podcasts, activities, book recommendations, and materials are all selected, written and/or created by the creators of Buttons & Figs, which means we own it. all content is offered online, for amusement and educational purposes, for free, for now. you may download activities and reproduce activities for educational purposes, but you may not profit from the sale of any content or materials because we don’t. in essence, use your sense about our nonsense.

content and recommendations are targeted for the amusement of kids, over 5, and as such, are meant to be supervised, introduced, encouraged by parents, guardians, educators, librarians or other adults working to share the joy of nonsense literature. all book recommendations can be found in the children’s section of most public libraries, as well as online through the ‘explore’ section of this website. online links are provided for reference purposes only. Buttons & Figs has not evaluated all information provided on every site it links to, but we tried to do our best to ensure sites are kid friendly, with minimal advertising, however, our links do not mean we endorse the organizations listed. in essence, use you sense about online nonsense.

there is plenty of research supporting our beliefs about nonsense, but we’re librarians, not a researchers, and with that said, our love is squarely rooted in sharing GREAT recommendations and inspiring kids to create. please note, my recommendations are not for the faint of heart. we love the nonsense of Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Roald Dahl, Nancy Willard, to name a few who have contributed to the long line of absurdist writers past and present. some recommendations may not suit the sensibilities of more sensitive ears, so it is your choice to listen or not. see ‘evaluating nonsense’ under the explore section to see how Buttons & Figs determines what is great nonsense literature.

all comments, questions, suggestions, recordings, or drawings offered to Buttons & Figs, in response to us asking for such, will become the property of Buttons & Figs. Buttons & Figs will do its darndest to honor and respond to all such submissions and recordings, but seeing as time is time, we just may not be able to and we hope you’ll understand.

if you are under 13, you need to find an adult or someone over 13 to submit information to Buttons & Figs on your behalf. see below for how we’ll use your information, but rest assured we will not sell it for profit or glory. we will only use it to share and communicate about our love of nonsense literature and how we can make Buttons & Figs a fun show for those listening.

kid submissions terms of use

kid submissions include, posts to the blog, emails, recordings, or any other way you find to send stuff. you are responsible for all of your submissions.

  • please be yourself and use a real identity, not some nonsense one, even though that might seem to make sense here.
  • be nice and kind online. Buttons & Figs is for kids.
  • if you submit information online, Buttons & Figs owns the content, meaning we can edit it, if needed, for sharing on our podcast or website, or not.
  • we will only share kid’s first name, age, city and state if kid content is used in a podcast.
  • no advertising please. did we mention Buttons & Figs is for kids?
  • no personal information provided to Buttons & Figs will be used for any other purposes except for sharing great nonsense, meaning, we will not sell or give your information to others. we will protect any and all information provided and honor the joy in which you are choosing to participate.
  • we are truly glad to know you are listening and sharing in the joy.