the Offishal Buttons & Figs Dictionary

the Offishal Buttons & Figs Dictionary only contains nonsense words, neologisms, that have been offishiated and offishally approved by the appropriate offishals, which include, but are not limited to, offishal poets, offishal artists, and offishal authors…who all love to eat fish…offishially.

APWVU /Ah Pwa Voo/ noun : usage of bright, optimistic, and happy sounds in words or poems.

Example for how to use APWVU: Edgar Allen Poe used apwvu in the first stanza of “The Bells.”

First known use of APWVU: 2020, Samuel, age 12

APWVU – Samuel, 12

BOOGADEAGA /Boo Ga Da Ya Ga/ noun : 1. a type of dance where you let your body go free, and do whatever you want. 2. first, move your feet at top speed, then let your arms loose. Then let your hips go crazy and dance whatever you want. You can use whatever music you want!

Example for how to use BOOGADEAGA: if you call a friend you might ask, “Hey, this Saturday do you want to BOOGADEAGA?” a good friend will say, “Yeah!”

First known use of BOOGADEAGA: 2020, Jasper, age 7

BOOGADEAGA – Jasper, 7

CABEG /Cab Egg/ adjective : an expression you say when you are happy.

Example for how to use CABEG: when you go the park or pool or friend’s house you would say, “I’m CABEG!”

First known use of CABEG: 2020, Hunter, age 13

CABEG – Hunter, 13

GUBEDAFLUB /Goo Ba Da Flub/ interjection : used when you’re scared and don’t know what to do.

Example for how to use GUBEDAFLUB: if there’s a wild bear, you would yell, “GUBEDAFLUB!” see also HEYXE

First known use of GUBEDAFLUB: 2020, Kate, age 12


HEYXE /Heek Zee/ interjection : used for when you’re scared.

Example for how to use HEYXE: if you were in the woods on a hike and you are about to get a banana from a banana tree and a bear jumped out from behind it, you would yell, “HEYXE!”.

First known use of HEYXE: 2020, Jayleigh, age 9 (note: spelling changed with its use)

HEYXE – Jayleigh, 9

RUBHI /Rub Hi/ adjective : an ice cream flavored with barbecue sauce, it’s like a banana split with barbecue sauce instead of chocolate sauce.

Example for how to use RUBHI: If you go into an ice cream shop you’d say, “I’d like the RUBHI special, please!” or “I’d like a scoop of RUBHI, please!”

First known use of RUBHI: Chloe, age 10

RUBHI – Chloe, 10

UTROB /U Trob/ noun : a popular video game console.

Example for how to use UTROB in a commercial: UTROB! The best video game device in the whole world! Buy your console in 2 weeks to get the latest game for it: Buort! Why this console? It has special robot technology to maximize your gaming experience! Buy UTROB now and get Buort with it!

First known use of UTROB: Lincoln, age 8, Samuel, age 12

UTROB – Lincoln, 8, Samuel, 12